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Barbecue Short Ribs

Barbecue Short Ribs

This is one of my favourite recipes; the good value beef used contains fat which goes succulent and tender through the low and slow cooking method. Although it takes time, the ribs almost look after themselves, producing something lip stickingly sumptuous. This recipe takes barbecuing to the next level so you can forget the burnt sausage and burgers in favour of something much more delicious.

You can use any kettle barbecue but the ceramic barbecues, such as the Primogrill, will give you the best results as you can set it going with proper charcoal rather than gas. This method smokes the product well, and produces fantastic flavour. You don’t even need to reload the barbecue with charcoal as the cooking method means the charcoal lasts for at least twenty hours.

For this recipe, you’ll be using short ribs, which is great because they are cheap. Although they are quite a tough cut of meat, the low and slow cooking method means that the gristle and connective tissue disintegrates into lip sticking, juicy meat.


Marinade – 1 beef stock cube dissolved in a 150ml water with 1 tbsp Dijon mustard

Dry Rub – 2tbsp Black pepper

1 ½ tbsp Garlic Salt

2 tbsp hot chilli powder

1 tbsp light brown sugar

1 tsp smoked paprika

Foil Mix – 2 tbsp finely chopped onion

2 tbsp light brown sugar

2 tbsp Apple juice

Final glaze – 300ml your favourite bbq sauce

2 tbsp light brown sugar

2 tbsp sherry or wine vinegar

1 tsp fresh thyme

1 tsp Dijon mustard


  1. Brush the ribs with the marinade and season the short ribs with the dry rub.

Ribs 2. Cook the ribs on the BBQ indirect – without the charcoal directly beneath the ribs.

Ribs 3. Add a kiss of smoke – cook low & slow (120- 140°C) for four hours with hickory smoke chips on the coals.

A kiss of smoke! 4. Remove ribs from the BBQ, put in foil, and add marinating liquid. Then put back in BBQ meat side down, for two hours.

5. Remove from foil and brush with a BBQ sauce, then place back on BBQ for thirty minutes.

6. Remove from BBQ and serve with sauté potatoes & BBQ beans.

BBQ Short Ribs

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The Best BBQ in the World?

The Best BBQ in the World?

Last year I went to the Grill Stock Festival in Bristol, an exhibition event that show cases the best in new barbecues and innovations in the field of barbecuing. There was one type of barbecue that really fascinated me-the ceramic kamado style barbecue. These barbecues are really popular in America, but they have yet to make it big over here. There is one particular brand-the Primo Grill-that has impressed me so much that I drove all the way to Holland-the nearest Primo distributor at the time-to get my very own Primo!

I have thoroughly tested my Primo at home and outside the shop, and can safely say that it is the best barbecue I have ever used! I am so impressed in fact that I have struck a deal with the American producer to be the exclusive UK distributor of these amazing barbecues.

These grills use natural lumpwood charcoal, giving an amazing flavour to your meat. Because of the Primo’s ceramic construction, it is very well insulated, holding the interior temperature for hours-it can be kept at the right temperature so precisely, that I use mine more than my oven at home! It is this ability to hold a constant temperature that gives the Primo Grill an extra edge over many traditionally built barbecues. As well as cooking at searingly hot temperatures, for regular grilling and delicious wood-fired pizzas, the primo can be used to cook at lower temperatures-making it ideal for cooking joints and poultry. This cooking method is known as “Low and Slow”, and makes it possible to put on a large joint first thing in the morning, letting it cook really slowly all day, and not even having to add any extra fuel. By the evening, after cooking all day, the meat is tender and juicy, with a fantastic smokey flavour.

I have successfully cooked joints of lamb and brisket, and shoulders of pork on the bone-even roast chickens and geese come out successfully! My confidence in the grill is demonstrated by the fact that I cooked our Christmas turkey on it this year-now that is one meal that you don’t want to mess up! The Turkey was lovely and tender, definitely improved by being cooked on the Primo. The barbecue also adds a delicious smokey edge to the meat.

You may have seen my Primo outside the shop last weekend, where I was making the most of the brilliant weather last Saturday to barbecue some whole chickens to sell to our customers-the Primo can easily cope with 8 whole chickens at once-it really gives you a great cooking surface.

Our stock of barbecues are on the ship as we speak, and will be arriving in this country in the next week or so, ready for the UK barbecue season to begin in earnest. You will soon be able to buy these amazing grills through our website, but the page is currently under construction, so for any details, and to see the barbecue in action, why not visit the American page at You can also talk to me directly by calling in at the shop, or giving me a call-all our contact details are on our website .

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